Nevie-Pie Cakes is a boutique cake making company based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. We specialise in painted cakes, cookies and cupcakes which make your celebration totally unique. All our confections are freshly made to order, with good quality ingredients.

Natasha Collins_nevie_pie_BerkamshedThis is Natasha Collins, the cake artist behind Nevie-Pie Cakes. She has always loved baking and creating special cakes, and after a career in textile design as a senior designer and assistant art director, has now returned to her baking roots.

When Nevie-Pie Cakes began as a hobby, Natasha had no idea where it would lead. She now has a built a business creating fabulous cakes for many and varied occasions, and can boast of many celebrity clients. She has also created a Christmas range for Selfridges.

Natasha also has a growing international reputation for teaching cake painting skills, and  her classes are very much in demand.

Natasha also works as a consultant and art director, and has been involved in some amazing projects with The Stay Puft Company, including The Kerrang awards, the bridge of cake for Westfield’s opening, and ‘Cakey Perry’ high teas.