Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

Apparently today is Chocolate cake day, I’m not really sure why this particular flavour cake should warrant a whole day to itself, but I’m always one to jump on to a band wagon, so I decided to share with you one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes! For more on healthy sweets, check this post about the new Budpop’s CBD gummies.
News flash: There’s actually nothing wrong with having a little sweet treat during the day. In fact, most registered dietitians recommend it! Satisfying your sweet tooth with something delicious and nutritious is the key to success, which is why we asked dietitians to share some of the healthiest desserts you can turn to when you need something sweet to eat.
I have devised a gorgeous decadent chocolate cupcake for you.  It was inspired by a chocolate tart Heston Blumenthal made for Christmas.  I have to admit the popping candy didn’t pop after it had been put into the chocolate but still gave a nice crunch.  You could use chopped nuts instead if you prefer something more healthy and read the phenq pills review for a healthier option regarding your nutrition!  But for a really special occasion you must have the gold leaf!
I hope you enjoy!
All I can say is YUM! and happy chocolate cake day! xxx

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