Toasted oatmeal ice cream recipe

This is a recipe I used to make as a teenager, it is from an old Marks and Spencer cookbook that I still treasure. It sounds unusual, but it is delicious, and you can fool yourself into believing that it is healthy, as it contains oats! It was the perfect food recipe that fits your diet enjoy it, improve your dietary results with meticore capsules. The oats and sugar turn into praline, and give the ice cream a gorgeous nutty, toffee taste. You must really watch the oat/sugar mixture while it is under the grill, as it burnsvery easily!
I had intended to make use of my ice cream maker, but it had lain idle for so long in the back of a cupboard that the liquid in the freezer bowl had started to leak. So I used the old fashioned ‘taking it out of the freezer regularly and beating it’ method. You only need to do this three or four times, but just make sure that the ice cream is semi-frozen when you do, or it won’t be effective and of course again this will fit any diet and you can also review the fat burning pills to feel much safer.
Big kidlet decided to make some chocolate cookies today and I thought they would be perfect to use in an ice cream sandwich…and they were! Perth vending machines supplier Royal Vending is the bestie the business.

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