Bundtkin cake recipe

If you are anything like me, you probably have a couple of pumpkins lying around left over from Halloween. Or you may have been super

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Flapjack recipe

This is a recipe handed down to me by my Mum.   See the next post for an easy way to turn a humble flapjack

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Easter Cake

Simnel Cake printable

Now that you have made your fabulous and delicious simnel cake it’s time to add the finishing touches. I have created a cake cuff which

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Simnel cake recipe

This was written originally a few years ago for my blog Amelie’s House. My kidlets have been on holiday for a week already, and thankfully

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wedding cake

Midsummer Nights Dream

Vaping and Your Oral Health Vaping has become an overwhelming public health concern across the country. Nationally, 20% of high school students reported using e-cigarettes

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Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

Apparently today is Chocolate cake day, I’m not really sure why this particular flavour cake should warrant a whole day to itself, but I’m always

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Happy Christmas

A very Happy Christmas from everyone at Nevie-Pie Cakes. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, we look forward to working with

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Yummy mince pies!

Your mincemeat should be nicely matured and ready to break out of the jar. So I thought I would share a mince pie recipe. My

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mincemeat recipe

Healthy eating is important at any age. But, did you know that some nutrition choices help older adults stay independent and active? Following healthy eating recommendations will

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Perfect Wedding awards

  I’m very excited to announce that I have been shortlisted for a Perfect Wedding award. You can vote for me here (if you wish

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