mincemeat recipe

Sunday 22nd will be Stir-up-Sunday when you are supposed to make your Christmas puddings and cakes. The fruit for my Christmas pudding is still soaking up the brandy and I am hoping to find time to make it before Christmas day, but who knows? It is such a trial trying to find a four hour stretch when I’m at home with time to steam it. However with the help of a kidlet I managed to get my mincemeat made, so I thought I would share the recipe with you. This is a great recipe if you only want to make a couple of batches of mince pies. Most other recipes I have found made enough to last me for years! 

It is a simple recipe but go ahead and add spices or alcohol to make it more to your taste. 


50g dried cranberries

50g dried blueberries

50g mixed peel

50g cherries washed dried and chopped

150g currants

125g raisins

125g sultanas

100g suet

100g grated cooking apple

150g dark brown sugar


Bung (yes that’s a technical term) everything into a bowl, stir and then spoon into a jar. Cover with a lid and leave for a week before using.