How to Buy a Used Commercial Truck

A commercial truck can be a wonderful addition to many business, both new and growing. Whether you need products delivered, or heavy equipment moved, a commercial truck can be beneficial to your business.

Often, a relatively small business may prefer to buy a used commercial truck so that they can take advantage of nearly all the perks of a new truck, but at a much smaller price.

It is advisable to spend some time researching commercial trucks so that you get the right vehicle, with the right features, at the right price for your business needs. Get the best deals from these truck auctions.

Part 1 of 2: Find the right pre-owned commercial truck for you and your business

Step 1: Choose the type of commercial truck. Commercial trucks are available in all shapes and sizes, come with a wide variety of options and safety features, and can vary greatly in price.

The first thing you should do when you decide to purchase a used commercial truck, is figure out exactly what kind of truck your business needs, so you can narrow your scope as you begin searching for the best used commercial trucks, and for the presentation of your business,  having your own business cards is a good choice for this.

  • Tip: If you are having a hard time deciding what commercial truck is right for you and your business, try asking some other local businesses what they use, or what they recommend.

Step 2: Check out online automotive marketplaces. There are countless online listings for used commercial trucks, allowing you to really get a feel for the market and get an idea of the asking price for a pre-owned truck.

  • Tip: Try sites such as Craigslist, eBay Motors, and Truck Paper, and familiarize yourself with the kind of trucks that you’re interested in and the prices associated with these trucks.

Step 3: Check local dealers and truck rental companies. Call your local truck dealer to see if they have any used commercial trucks available and contact any local commercial truck rental companies to see if they have any used trucks that they are looking to sell.

  • Tip: If a local dealer or rental company has a commercial truck that you’re interested in, take it for a test drive so you can get accustomed to driving commercial trucks and also help you decide on the right truck for you.

Step 4: Compare prices. After you’ve sufficiently scoped out both the local and the online commercial truck markets, it’s time to start comparing prices.

  • Tip: Compare truck prices between sources and also compare the prices to your budget. Remember to compare it to the Kelley Blue Book estimates for used commercial trucks as well and ensure that you get a fair deal when you purchase the truck.

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