Nevie-Pie Cakes goes to 10 Downing Street

Yes this is me at the real No 10 Downing Street!
If you are not sure what this is it is where the UK Prime Minister lives and works, a bit like the White House, but smaller!
Why was I there, you ask…well…to bring cake to the corridors of power of course!
Myself and Miss Cakehead were creating a special gruesome afternoon tea for The Ministry of Stories, a charity which uses story-telling to inspire young people, teaching them confidence, self-respect and communication. The Ministry took over the state rooms to host a special cabinet meeting to celebrate their second year of providing volunteer led programmes aimed at boosting creativity and literacy.
To compliment the meeting, we laid out a deliciously monstrous tea party, which the children and the adults tucked into with relish! there were golden dragon’s teeth, A variety of severed ears, pixie, human child and goblin, Trolls toes, Pots of mud and worms, Witches toes. and arm pit hair…delicious!

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