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Healthy eating is important at any age. But, did you know that some nutrition choices help older adults stay independent and active? Following healthy eating recommendations will also save you money and time spent at the doctor’s office. Many of us know some healthy eating tips. We know that it is important to eat fruits and vegetables … Read more

How to Buy a Used Commercial Truck

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A commercial truck can be a wonderful addition to many business, both new and growing. Whether you need products delivered, or heavy equipment moved, a commercial truck can be beneficial to your business. Often, a relatively small business may prefer to buy a used commercial truck so that they can take advantage of nearly all … Read more

Nevie-Pie Cakes goes to 10 Downing Street

Yes this is me at the real No 10 Downing Street! Take a look to the latest ikaria lean belly juice reviews. Myself and Miss Cakehead were creating a special gruesome afternoon tea for The Ministry of Stories, a charity which uses story-telling to inspire young people, teaching them confidence, self-respect and communication. The Ministry took … Read more

Nevie-Pie Cakes on Blue Peter

The Best Foods for Your Heart Your heart is a finely tuned machine. To keep it running in top form you need to give it heart healthy fuel. And that means you should choose a healthy diet. Some foods offer great heart benefits, but how do you choose? Check out the latest prodentim articles. More … Read more

One very exciting day.

On Friday I had a fantastic day. I spent the morning setting up a dessert table for the Kerrang! awards. The afternoon couldn’t be more different. I spent it at Fortnum and Mason taking afternoon tea with Mary Berry. It was the launch of The Cake and Bake Show, and was very refined.